Pure Power Builds Most Powerful Mobile Solar Power System

Pure Power Distribution of Santa Monica, California (www.PurePowerD.com) has announced that it has designedand built its most powerful Mobile Solar Power System™ to date, theS-48T, in time to provide power for some of the current filming of thelatest Warner Bros. film. The S-48T provides

600 Amps of clean solar powerfor 12 hours, enough to power the entire base camp. “This is a huge day for renewableenergy,” said Norris Lozano, CEO of Pure Power, “There are veryfew work environments that need as much power as feature films, andthis new unit can deliver 600 Amps (72,000 Watts) with a single driver/operator.” 

Avoiding a ton of CO2each day

Pure Power’s customers caredeeply about reducing the carbon footprint of their projects. Over a50 day shoot, a solar system can avoid 50 tons of CO2 bynot using traditional power sources.  Solar generated power cancut the CO2 output by 90%. 

Your browser may not support display of this image.The S-48T measures 48 feetin length; needs a single driver/operator, and can provide feature films,TV productions, music performances and special events with silent, cleanenergy with no emissions. It can be plugged into the base camp systemin cases of extreme load. 

About Pure Power

Pure Power Distribution wasfounded to provide clean and renewable energy solutions to the marketplacewhile facilitating a cleaner and more sustainable future. Pure Powerprovides energy consulting, financial services and Mobile Solar PowerSystems to Film & TV, agriculture, construction and equipment rentalcompanies. For more information, please visit www.PurePowerD.com


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