Proposed Indo-U.S. Space Based Solar Program by 2025


A report published by an Indian Defense ministry-backed think tankhas proposed the establishment of an Indo –US international space-basedsolar energy program. Is this ever happens it could well become thesecond most important deal inked by the two nations ever since thesigning of the nuclear deal. The project envisages the establishment ofsolar collectors in geostationary orbit to collect solar radiationthroughout the year even during the night. The energy laden microwaveswould then be transmitted to ground based collectors. If initiated thepath breaking could become a commercially viable business venture by2025.

The massive project holds great significance for both countriesapart from taking their strategic relationship forward. Both thecountries have gigantic energy needs and are under immense international pressure to own up and reduce their carbon emissions. Fortunately bothare blessed in terms of solar energy sources which all the more sensewhy they seriously work on the project.

Via: CleanTechnica


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