Progress energy increasing solar rebates

04 June of 2009 by

1124 low Progress energy increasing solar rebates
ProgressEnergy, a utility company based out of Raleigh, North Carolina whichserves over 3 million customers in the the Carolinas and Florida isaggressively encouraging it’s customers to install solar panels througha solar rebate program. The program would offer $1.50 to $2 a watt perwatt installed for residential customers.

For commercialcustomers Progress Energy promises to pay a premium per kWh(kilowatt-hour) contributed to the grid. Payments will be based onmarket prices although limited details have been disclosed by thecompany.

With more utility companies offering rebates, federaltax credits at an all time high and the cost per watt for solar panelsdropping like a rock, it creates the perfect storm for a greatinvestment in a solar electric system this year. Would you agree? 



p 6 panel 300 150x150 Who is Centrosolar?


Who is Centrosolar?

Around the world with solar energy


Around the world with solar energy

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