PrISUm Solar Car Introduced by Iowa State University Students

prisum teams solar car2 XhIoU 24429 PrISUm Solar Car Introduced by Iowa State University Students

Iowa StateUniversity students have once again proved their potential bydeveloping yet another solar-powered vehicle that will hit the roadsoon. Dubbed the “Anthelion,” this green car is the university’s tenthsolar-powered vehicle to run the 1,100-mile race for the American Solar Challenge. The PrISUm team isbusy making final changes to the car that features more than 500 solarcells.

A result of good two years of hard work, computer-aided design andsome novel engineering techniques, the three-wheel Anthelionincorporates features like magnesium alloy wheel mounts and batteriesfitted onto the carbon fiber shell. Both of these features along withone less wheel significantly lighten the load, hence enhancing itsperformance.

The US$250,000 green car had recently received a custom paint joband special attention has been given to fixing issues associated battery protection system and electronics. Presently the Anthelion isundergoing road testing to prepare it for qualifying rounds at theMotorsport Ranch in Cresson, Texas. Thereafter, the vehicle will compete with 17 teams to win the American Solar Challenge being held from June20 to June 26.

Via: Gizmag