Premier Power announces record contract backlog in Spain

Premier Power Renewable Energy Inc., a leader in development, design,engineering and construction of solar power systems for commercial,government and utility markets in the US, Spain and Italy, announcedthat its Spanish operation has reached record contract backlog in itsfirst quarter of 2010 with more than 3MW of solar rooftop contractssecured.

“The change in the timing of the permitting process bythe Spanish government at the beginning of 2009 delayed our ability torecognize Spanish rooftop revenue during the year, despite record orderintake,” said Dean R. Marks, CEO of Premier Power. “We have continuedour momentum with record contract backlog in the first quarter of 2010,representing more than a 100 percent increase over this time last year.

“With a majority of Spain’s rooftop solar energy targets unmet, and increased government support of rooftop solar systems through a revisedfeed-in-tariff, the commercial rooftop market has become the leadingsolar market segment in Spain. We continue to see a substantial growthopportunity in Spain for rooftop and building integrated solar energysystems, and with our global experience and engineering and designexpertise, we feel we are strongly positioned to continue our leadership role in this growing market.”


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