Practical Solar Powered Lights

We’veseen solar panels being stuffed into all kinds of gadgets includingcellphones and MP3 players. Here is a more practical use of solarenergy by designers Cheng-Tsung Feng, Yao-Chieh Lin and Bo-Jin Wang,who have integrated solar panels and the goodness of technology in aconcept traffic light.

TheSolar Traffic Light, as the product has been entitled, includesDiscolor LED technology, which allows the packing of the threeessential colors – red, amber and green — in a single unit. The systemis powered by a solar panel that also serves as its hood. The idea doesseem practical, as traffic lights normally remain in the sun and caneasily harness renewable energy to keep them ticking.

solar traffic light_2

solar traffic light_3

Via: YankoDesign



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