Powered by Nano Generators: The Colibri Eco Mobile Phone

colibri eco mobile phone1

The Colibri Eco Mobile Phone by Nelly Trakidou takes cellphonetechnology to the extreme. The designer has visualized a mobile phoneconcept that would require no external power source to operate. Havingsaid that, you can just imagine the amount of plastic chargers it wouldhelp us get rid of. Anyway, the new concept phone uses an innovative and unexplored technology that embeds nano-generators into the fabrics andbutton so that each time any of it is pressed it leads to electricitygeneration.

colibri eco mobile phone2
Being a concept you’ll have to wait for some time to actually try our hands on this eco friendly communication gadget.

colibri eco mobile phone3
colibri eco mobile phone4

Via: iGreenSpot



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