Power generation in India from renewable energy sources

A capacity of about 5,531 MW grid-interactive power generation fromvarious renewable energy sources has been installed up to 31.1.2010against a target of 12,300 MW for 11th Five Year Plan.

Givingthis information in a reply in the Lok Sabha last Friday, the Ministerfor New and Renewable Energy, Dr. Farooq Abdullah said that the detailsof such capacity addition include, Wind Power ? 3,857 MW (9,000 MW 11thPlan target), Small Hydro Power ? 619.53 MW (1,400 MW), Biomass power ?322 MW (500 MW), Bagasse Cogeneration ? 704.20 MW (1,200 MW), Solarpower ? 8.10 MW (50 MW) and Urban and Industrial waste-to-energy ?20.10 MW (79 MW).

A total grid-interactive renewable powergeneration capacity of 15,789 MW has been installed in the country ason 31.1.2010. The Minister also said that a total amount of Rs.390.78crore has been released under various programmes for promotion ofrenewable energy sources in the country during FY 2009-10 tillFebruary, 2010.

Dr. Abdullah further informed the House thatthe Government has taken several steps mainly by way of suitablepolicy/ regulatory measures for achieving the plan targets andaugmenting power generation through renewable energy sources throughoutthe country. These include the following:

• Fiscal andfinancial incentives, such as, capital/ interest subsidy, accelerateddepreciation, nil/ concessional excise and customs duties;
•Preferential tariff for grid interactive renewable power in mostpotential States following the provisions made under the NationalElectricity Policy 2005 and National Tariff Policy 2006;
•Directives under Electricity Act 2003 to all States for fixing aminimum percentage for purchase of electricity from renewable energysources taking into account local factors.
• Uniform guidelines by CERC for fixation of such preferential tariffs have been issued recently.
•Generation Based Incentives Scheme for Wind Power has been introducedto attract private investment by Independent Power Producers notavailing Accelerated Depreciation benefit.
• Jawaharlal NehruNational Solar Mission has been approved recently to give a boost todeployment of solar energy systems, solar photovoltaic as well as solarthermal, with an approved target for the first phase upto March 2013 of1,100 MW of grid connected solar power plants, 200 MW capacityequivalent off-grid solar applications and 7 million square metre solarthermal collector area.

Other steps taken include support forsector specific seminars/ workshops/training programs and creation ofpublicity and awareness through electronic and print media on the needand usefulness of renewable energy.


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