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Poseidon Solar Yacht

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Poseidon concept yacht is a sailing yacht design especially forrelaxation. Like any other luxury yacht, it has all that that you wouldwant for that perfect luxurious sail.

Being a 12m cruiser, theinteriors are very comfortable and plush with a seating are for amaximum of 9 people in the normal interior, and with a seating for amaximum of 4 in the premium suite. But now you would want to know whatis so unique about this particular luxury yacht. The thing that caughtmy attention was that Poseidon concept yacht uses solar energy throughthe sails. It uses the nano panels’ technology to do this. This is justa concept though im not sure how efficient are the solar panels and atwhat speed does the yacht sail, but concept wise, it’s very intelligentto have come up with this idea.
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