Portable water tank mixer from SolarBee betters water quality


Withpotable water sources already declining at a fast rate, manufacturersare developing products that betters the quality of the already scarceresource. Earlier this year we showcased the SolarBee water circulatorthat helps improve the quality of water in lakes and other potablewater sources. The product was great apart from the fact that it couldnot be used in places where the amount of water that needs to becirculated is less.

The companyhas tried to solve the problem in a new variant, dubbed the SolarBeeSB400 potable water tank mixer. Similar to its predecessor, this newsystem utilizes the company’s Long-Distance Circulation technology thathelps eliminate thermal stratification and stagnation in potable water.


Thesystem is designed to completely mix small potable water tanks, whichproviding up to 40% first-cost savings over other mixers. To easeinstallation, the unit is collapsible and fits through an 18-inchhatch. The solar-powered floating mixer operates day and night byharnessing solar energy during the day and storing it in on-boardbattery packs to power the system after sunset.

The SB400mixer creates a near-laminar flow that keeps the tank de-stratified,provides uniform water age, and allows accurate management of residualchlorine levels to reduce nitrification.

Via: ThomasNet



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