Portable solar-powered ‘Sound System’

solar sound sytem_2

In one of our previous articles we had brought to your attention the wonderful solar-powered concept Gramo Speakers.But designer Pekka Salokannel is not the only one to harness solarpower for music as others in the same sphere, including designers PaoloMetaldi and Luca Elli, have made solar energy bring green music to yourears. The “Sound System” concept speakers include photovoltaic panelson the upper part of the device to trap solar energy and in the bottompart lay the speakers.

The designprovides highly portable and wireless solution for both indoor andoutdoor music needs. The concept is customizable with a variety ofplastic covers and ergonomic handles, which allow you to carry iteasily anywhere. The included LEDs alert you when the power on thesystem is running low.

solar sound sytem

Itcan play your favorite tracks from MP3 players, PCs and mobile phonesvia an ultra wide band connection. The concept does sound great onpaper, but it would be interesting to see the actual cost of theproduct if it really reaches the production line.

sound system_3

Via: DesignBoom



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