Plant Fibers Could Make Solar Cells More Efficient

Researchers around the world are continuing to make substantial progress towards giving solar power technology the efficiency it needs toachieve cost parity with fossil fuels.

One recent developmentwas announced by Wake Forest University, where researchers havedeveloped a new solar cell technology with the potential to doubleproduction from flat cells while also bringing down the cost. The university has received a patent from the European Patent Office forits technology, and an application is also pending with the U.S. PatentOffice.

This particular technology reportedly involves miniscule plant fibers that can be used to capture sunlight in solar cells fromvarious angles, such as when the sun is rising and setting. Othercurrent technologies move the solar panels through the day as the suntravels across the sky, allowing them to work more efficiently in theprocess.

By using these plant fibers in solar cells, Wake Forest researchers noted that there are several potentially usefulapplications. For example, the technology can be used to ship lighterand cheaper solar equipment to developing nations, while also havingramifications for smart grid and smart house technology. 



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