Pittsfield, MA Recognized as “Solar Capitol of the Commonwealth”

Pittsfield MA is Solar Capitol of the Commonwealth Pittsfield, MA Recognized as “Solar Capitol of the Commonwealth”

Ian Bowles, Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs, recognized Pittsfield, MA as the “solar capitol of the commonwealth” and praising the municipality for generating 10% of the solar energy in the state. 

This honor came after Bowles celebrated the completion of a 392 kilowatt solar installation at Berkshire Community College.  The college was able to show off their 1,868 solar panels, extending over seven buildings, to more than 75 college staff, faculty, students, local and state representatives.  At its unveiling it will be the largest roof-mounted photovoltaic solar array on a stateeducational institution.  The $1.8 million project, funded by lowinterest Clean Energy Bonds and federal stimulus funds, will generate421 megawatt hours and supply about 25% of the college’s electricityneeds.

The array at Berkshire Community College is Pittsfield’s thirdlarge-scale solar energy system – not many municipalities can claim even one.  The other two projects consist of Western Massachusetts Electric Co.’s 1.8 megawatt solar facility on Silver Lake Boulevard and a 1.57 megawatt array on the city’s sewer treatment plant. 

At 3.76 megawatts in total, this puts Pittsfield at more than a tenth of the state’s solar investments.  Pittsfield should be commended fortaking the lead in solar energy generation in Massachusetts.   To put this in perspective, there was only 3.5 megawatts of installed solar capacity in Massachusetts when Governor Deval Patrick came into office four years ago.  Now, there is up to 63 megawatts in the state. 

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