Pictures: The American Solar Challenge 2010

Last month, teams of collegestudents raced their solar-powered cars though four states in theMidwest. Students from all over the world designed, built and drove solar-powered cars in the competition.

The American Solar Challenge 2010 (ASC2010) took off from Broken Arrow,Oklahoma, on June 20th and ended in the Chicago suburb of Naperville onJune 26, 2010. Last weekend, the cars made a stop in theBloomington/Normal area before heading to Naperville. My nephew was onhand to snap a few photos.

ASC2010 Results

First place – University ofMichigan’s solar-powered Infinium was the first to reach the finish line at 2 hours and 12 minutes ahead of the second place winner. With anaverage speed of 40 mph, this was Michigan’s third straightchampionship.

 Photo Courtesy of University ofMichigan

2nd place winner was University of Minnesota #35, the Centaurus 2



3rd place winner was super-cool Hochschule Bochum #10, SolarWorld.

3rd Place Winner


4th Place – Stanford University#16



5th Place – Missouri UniversityS&T #42



6th Place – Calgary #65

The American Solar Challenge 2010 inPictures


7th Place – Kaohsiung #95



8th Place – State University ofNew York New Paltz #28

 Courtesy ASC2010


9th Place – Kentucky University #3

University of Kentucky


10th Place – NorthwesternUniversity #11



11th Place – Iowa State #9



12th Place – Texas Austin #88



13th Place – Illinois State #5

Illinois State

ASC2010 Specialty Awards:

  • University of Michigan received the Array Award.

  • University of Minnesota received the Electrical Engineering Award

  • University of Calgary received the Mechanical Engineering Award

  • University of Kentucky won the Adversity Award

  • New Paltz won Teamwork Award

  • University of Minnesota, University of Calgary and NorthwesternUniversity all won the Sportsmanship Award

  • And Illinois State University won the Espirt de Corps Award forhosting the Normal State Stop, “complete with activities for thecommunity and teams in addition to an army of great volunteers.

Photos courtesy of :

Tyler Carmack, University of Michigan, and ASC2010

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