Phoenix Solar builds solar park in Greece with peak power of 2 MW

Phoenix Solar E.P.E., the Greek subsidiary of Phoenix Solar AG, aninternational photovoltaic system integrator listed on the GermanTecDAX, has signed its largest contract to date for the construction of a grid-connected photovoltaic plant.

Phoenix Solar is to build asolar power plant with a peak power of two megawatts in the vicinity ofNafpaktos in central Greece for Douneika Energy EE, a group of Greekinvestors. The project was developed by the investors with theassistance of Athens-based Phoenix Solar E.P.E., and is financed by aGreek bank. Construction work is already under way.

DouneikaSolar Park is being built using crystalline modules on around sixhectares of hilly terrain. With a solar irradiation of 1,580 kWh/m², the investors are anticipating an annual energy yield of 2.9 millionkilowatt hours.

“The solar market in Greece will come to around110 megawatts in 2010, with the majority of the capacity in medium sizesystems”, stated Dr Christos Protogeropoulos, General Manager of Phoenix Solar E.P.E.

“In 2011, we estimate that the Greek solar marketwill grow to a volume of some 200 megawatts. Our intention is tocontribute to boosting this growth in the years ahead. To this end, wewill be drawing on our project pipeline with solar projects in thedouble-digit megawatt range. The legal framework conditions here inGreece are stable and, in the meantime, German as well as Greek bankshave financed photovoltaic projects in Greece.”


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