Phoenix launches a new solar finance program

Just this week, the major of Phoenix Arizona introduced a city sponsored residential solar financing program that’sthe largest of its kind in the nation! Under the plan 1000 moreresidents could go solar by 2010. This is obviously an awesomeimprovement and another excellent example for how cities can go solar,hopefully paving the way for more cities to follow suit.
The plan works simply by qualifying homeowners to install solar systemswith no upfront cost and only a low monthly payment on their system,this payment of course being much lower than their previous electricbills. In essence it’s a bulk way to help cover the upfront cost ofsolar, which is the only thing currently hindering the advancement ofmost solar hopefuls.
This whole plan, called Solar Phoenix, is thanks to $25M in financingfrom the National Bank of Arizona. Fortunately there are multiplelevels of this program to help those residents of differing income andfinancial status. More programs like this will not only get more solarpanels installed on our roofs, but provide a larger customer base forstartup local solar installation companies.



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