Ph.D in Innovation and Governance for Sustainable Development

The Ph.D in Innovation and Governance for Sustainable Development at theUniversity of Twente takes four years to complete. The program consistsof individual scientific research, individual supervision, and—forinternal Ph.D researchers—some class work. The program ends with thedefense of the doctoral thesis. Successful completion of the course isrewarded with the title of Doctor of the University of Twente.

The Twente Centre for Studies in Technology and Sustainable Development(CSTM) was established in 1988. The CSTM offers three types of Ph.Dpositions, research, Open Ph.D Programme – Internal and Open Ph.Dprogramme – External /Sandwich.

The CSTM specialize in governance questions, emphasizing sustainable development, environmental quality,and technological innovation – from both developed and developingcountry perspectives. See a brief outline of their research program ontheir website pages under ‘Research’. All Ph.D projects need to contribute to this research program.

Candidates require the minimum of a Master’s degree in a subject which is relevant to the proposed research. This could be one of the social sciences,such as international relations, political science, anthropology, social geography, or in more technical topics, such as environmental science,sustainable energy, civil engineering and management, water resourcemanagement, land and water use, forest and nature conservation.

For more information or to see application details go to the University of Twente.


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