Panasonic’s Photosynthesis Art Installation from Akihisa Hirata

Japanese architect Akihisa Hirata has come up with a striking installation for Panasonic, which he calls the “Photosynthesis”. According to the designer, the installation has been designed in accordance with the biological process of storing clean solar energy.

The installation makes use of Panasonic’s green product line as a link between natural and man-made materials. The installation will be a part of Interni Legacy during the Milan Design Week 2012. The design transforms the courtyard into a space where visitors will be able to appreciate a unique blend of natural, technical and futuristic themes simultaneously. The installation has been designed to make use of Panasonic’s innovative eco friendly products to create a man-made ecosystem.

While solar panels are used as leaves in the installation, batteries have been designed as fruits while several LEDs and OLED panels look like flowers. The entire system has been assembled as a tree. The project, according to the creator, is inspired by natural photosynthesis, where plant leaves convert sunshine into usable form. Here the solar panels are functioning as leaves that convert sunshine into electricity, which is then stored in the onboard batteries. The batteries then transfer the charge to the LED and OLED panels.

Via: Designboom

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