Panasonic develops an ‘Eco-friendly’ and ‘sensory’ home

eco house.jpgWe have often heard of so many solar panels or devices that use solarenergy to charge or power a particular gadget or function.
ButPanasonic has come up with an entire house that is a living energysaver. With sensors all around the rooms, the lights get switched onand off by sensing presence, lighting and temperature in the room.Solar panels on the roof and a fuel-cell in the backyard power thefamily house, a lithium-ion battery stores the surplus electricity, hotwater pipes double as floor heating, and good insulation saves energy.Called the ‘Eco Idea House’, has extremely intelligent appliances likea washing machine that almost halves the water used by simply tiltingits drum and a fridge that adapts itself to the users habits andremains off around the time when it is not expecting to be opened for along time.[Physorg]



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