18 Mar

Illinois Fast Tracks the Smart Grid

EDF Energy Exchange Blog

In a victory for Illinois residents and the environment, Commonwealth Edison Company (ComEd) today formally …

18 Mar

Solar for Low Income Families

Ameco Solar Blog

Although solar panels for homes have dropped in price over the last decade, they still …

18 Mar

3 Nonprofits Changing The World with Solar


When it comes to jumpstarting renewable energy programs in developing nations, much of the focus …

18 Mar

In Focus: Recent Green Technology Advances


Attempting to make the world an improved and pollution-free place to live is not a …

18 Mar

Elon Musk Disses Chris “Bridgegate” Christie

Scaling Green

After reading “To the People of New Jersey,” I think it’s fair to say that Elon …

18 Mar

In Focus: Natural Gas Vehicle Technology


Natural gas is being used by more than half of all household in the U.S. …

18 Mar

Tesla’s Chinese Eco-mark Lawsuit

Green Patent Blog

A previous post reported on Tesla’s Chinese trademark problem.  Apparently, a businessman named Zhan Baosheng had registered …

17 Mar

The Need of Green Construction


The Green construction aims at efficient use of resources to create healthier and energy efficient …

17 Mar

SunPower to Issue Asset Backed Bonds

The Green Market Oracle

In a bid to secure inexpensive capital, SunPower (SPWR) is pursuing alternative funding sources. According …

13 Mar

Solar Comes to Best Buy


Are solar panels becoming consumer electronics? While the majority of devices at the local Best Buy suck …

13 Mar

The Thinnest LED EVER

The Daily Fusion

University of Washington scientists have built the thinnest LED ever. It can be used as …

12 Mar

Illinois: The Greenest State


Illinois’ cornfields aren’t the only thing that’s green in the state, nearly 100 communities in …