In Focus: Organic Solar Cell Efficiency

Research from North Carolina State University reveals that organic solar cell efficiency is based upon a delicate balance between the size and purity of the interior layers, or domains. These findings may lead to better designs and improved performance in organic solar cells. Polymer-based solar cells are intended to have two domains, consisting of an […] Read more

Michael Jantzen’s Revolving TV Restaurant

About 35 years ago Michael Jantzen designed the concept for a windowless revolving restaurant that would replace its windows with large video screens. This was of course before the Internet, HDTV, etc. The basic idea was that instead of building a structure high enough to place a restaurant on top (in order to get a great view) […] Read more

It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane! It’s A Facebook Solar Drone

Today Mark Zuckerberg announced on—where else, Facebook—that his company is indeed looking to spread the Internet via drones, laser beams and other space-aged stuff. Rumors surfaced earlier this month that the Web giant was looking into purchasing Titan Aerospace, a maker of solar-powered drones that can fly at roughly 65,000 feet for indefinite periods of time. Now Zukerberg, and […] Read more

SolarCoin is Coming

Back in 2011, Nick Gogerty and Joseph Zitoli of the Thoughtful Capital Group wrote a proposal to back national currencies with electric power. They argued that electricity provides benefits to society, unlike gold, and retains monetary value better than government debt or mortgage-backed securities — the assets the US Federal Reserve Bank currently holds against dollars in […] Read more

Solar PV in Latin America

With the slowdown in growth and contraction in European PV markets in 2012 and 2013, many in the solar industry have been wondering where the next big market will develop, and many have been considering the potential of Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean and particularly South America. It is easy to see why. The region […] Read more

Who Owns All the Smart Grid Patents?

Ever wonder who owns all the smart grid patents?  With all of the acquisitions in smart grid (see, e.g.,here and here), it seems a lot of folks have been considering the question. A recent study by patent analytics firm Relecura on smart grid patent holders seeks to answer this question.  It turns out the top five are ABB, GE, […] Read more

GT Advanced Technologies: Reinventing The Solar Module

A new design for the flow of electricity through solar cells that could cut module costs as much as 10 percent has been developed by GT Advanced Technologies. GT’s Merlin metallization process replaces the three thick strips of silver that run through modules, called busbars, with thin lines of silver scattered through the cells. The silver lines, called […] Read more

Green Engineering @ 2014 Winter Olympics

The Sochi Olympic games provided a sporting spectacle that the entire world was able to enjoy, centering around a town in southern Russia where athletes from many countries gathered. There were events like ski jumping, snowboarding, bobsledding and many others. These were not things for which the Sochi area was already prepared, so billions of […] Read more

Battery Technology IS the Future

Before the massive electrical grids and power lines that our current infrastructure relies so heavily upon, batteries were the way we created electricity. As batteries advanced, so did our technological capabilities. From lead-acid to lithium ion, battery technologies dominate the majority our our everyday gadgets, appliances, and amenities. If you don’t believe me, just take […] Read more

Solar Asset Management 101

We are often asked how to define Solar Asset Management (SolarAM).  Here at RadianGEN, we think broadly and holistically about solarAm.  We view solarAM as the comprehensive scope of work necessary to ensure that a solar project performs contractually,technically and financially to provide the expected return on investment. WHAT IS SOLAR ASSET MANAGEMENT? SolarAM is more than “boots on […] Read more

In Focus: The Service Model Revolution

The growing complexity of manufacturing chips, displays and solar cells together with higher investment costs of advanced production facilities are changing service and support requirements. The service business is still driven by the need to keep systems up and running: identifying mechanical problems, adjusting hardware, replacing parts, etc. However, today’s semiconductor fabs are also under […] Read more

Managing Green Data Centers

Businesses everywhere are going green and becoming more interested in environmentally-friendly ways to accomplish things. This can be seen all across the world, in all industries, and it has even made it into schools. Data centers are no exception. When managing a green data center, there are many different components that have to come together […] Read more

America’s Top 10 Solar Metro Areas

You might expect the #1 solar area in America to be a city like San Francisco or San Diego. According to One Block Off the Grid, it isn’t one of the largest metro areas, though—it’s Fresno, CA, with a strong lead at 182 watts per capita. That rate is almost a full 100 watts per capita […] Read more

Gas Prices Surge Up, Solar Prices Plunge

Another of the world’s leading solar PV manufacturing giants has underlined the potential for yet more substantial reductions in the manufacturing cost of solar modules, even as the cost of fossil fuels — and gas in particular — surges in the opposite direction. Beyond the near-term revenue forecasts that obsess market analysts, one of the […] Read more