ORNL Wind Gateway Goes Live

NY Wind Power Oscilattions in Northern Zone 600x395 ORNL Wind Gateway Goes Live

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has launched the Wind Energy Data & Information (WENDI) Gateway to provide easy access to a large amount of wind energy-related dataand information to a broad range of wind-energy stakeholders through.

The Gateway has two main interfaces: the Wind Energy MetadataClearinghouse and the Wind Energy Geographic Information System(WindGIS).  The Metadata Clearinghouse is a powerful, customized searchtool for discovering, accessing, and sharing wind energy-related dataand information.  Its database of metadata records points users to adiverse array of wind energy-related resources, including among others:

  1. Scientific journals
  2. News stories
  3. Government reports
  4. Wind resource datasets

WindGIS allows users to visualize a wide spectrum of United Stateswind energy-related spatial data, including wind energy power plantlocations; wind resource maps; state-level installed wind capacity,generation, and renewable portfolio standards; electric transmissionlines; transportation infrastructure; interconnection standards; landownership, designation, and usage; and various ecological data layers.In addition, WindGIS allows users to download much of the data behindthe layers.