Oregon Solar Tours Scheduled

Seeing is believing — there is no substitute to seeing solar PV panels or solar thermal technologies in action. Hence the National Solar Energy Tour,sponsored each fall by the American Solar Energy Society (ASES).Usually organized by local groups affiliated with ASES, the eventsenable individuals to learn about solar and other forms of renewableenergy by touring project sites in their area.

Solar Oregon, a non-profit, recently released the 2009 schedulefor its Oregon Green and Solar Tours. Taking place over the course ofSeptember and October, the tours will demonstrate how everydayOregonians are using solar, energy efficiency measures, and other formsof renewable power to shrink their electricity bills. Some 4,000 peoplelast year toured homes and businesses using solar PV or solar thermaltechnologies.

For you Oregonians out there, get out there and see what’s going onin your area. For the rest of you, be sure to check out the ASEScalendar (link above) to discover tours near you.



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