A Wealth of Renewable Energy Info

Are you looking for information on how to make your home more energyefficient? Want to know what types of government incentives areavailable in your state if you utilize wind energy to power yourbusiness? Or maybe you’re an analyst looking for up-to-date data onARRA-funded geothermal projects in your technology sector. Whetheryou’re a consumer, business owner, analyst or researcher, OpenEI.orgputs a wealth of information on renewable energy at your fingertips. And it’s all free.
OpenEI was created in response to the White House’s [[Open
Government Initiative]], with the goal of providing open access to renewableenergy information to anyone who needs it. With support from the[[National Renewable Energy Laboratory]] in Golden, Colorado, and the[[U.S. Department of Energy]], the website offers a wide range ofcurrent information on renewable energy topics ranging from solar, wind, geothermal and biomass energies to Smart Grid data, government rebateincentives, research datasets, and much, much more. And because the site is built on a wiki platform, we both welcome and encourage yourcollaboration and participation.
To learn more about OpenEI, the information you can find there, and how you can get involved, visit us at Or click here.
As always, we welcome your feedback. What would you like to see on thesite? How can we make OpenEI more helpful to you? Drop us a line and let us know by clicking here.


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