OPEL Solar Launches SUNRISE Solar Research Project

OPEL Solar Inc., a global developer and supplier of high-concentrationphotovoltaic solar panels and solar tracking systems, and the NationalResearch Council of Canada have unveiled and begun testing theSemiconductors Using Nanostructures for Record Increased in Solar-cellEfficiency (SUNRISE) research project installation at the Institute forResearch in Construction’s Flexhouse in Ottawa, Ontario.

Fundedby the Development Bank of Canada and the National Sciences andEngineering Research Council of Canada, the unveiling and testing of the SUNRISE project represents the culmination of three years of researchinto utilizing nanostructures to establish a higher level of energyefficiency and output from a concentrated photovoltaic installation, the project partners explain.

The SUNRISE project is a collaborative research project between OPEL, The National Research Council of Canada, the University of Ottawa’s Centre for Research and the University ofSherbrooke. It focuses on developing new, ultra-high-efficiency solarcells in combination with OPEL Solar’s concentrator design.



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