One Block Off The Grid (1BOG) and groSolar spread green-collar cheer

One Block Off The Grid (1BOG), the nation’s largest solar grouppurchasing company, announced the extension of the current Bay Area1BOG campaign to coincide with a pilot green jobs partnership.

Togetherwith groSolar and local nonprofit Solar Richmond, through January 31,1BOG is offering members who purchase solar a unique opportunity tosponsor a green-collar worker. The current Bay Area 1BOG solar campaignhas been extended through January 2010 to support this pilot programwith a special reduced rate of $5.53 per watt from installer partnergroSolar.

Bay Area 1BOG members will now have a uniqueopportunity to support a graduate of Solar Richmond’s green-collar jobstraining program. The opt-in program will provide green-collargraduates with two days of hands-on training, assisting groSolar’sexpert crew with 1BOG solar installations. To participate, members paya small, tax-deductible donation of $112, which both 1BOG and groSolarmatch.

1BOG, a subsidiary of Virgance, is rooted in socialresponsibility. Through 1BOG’s proven model of harnessing communityaction to accelerate adoption of renewable energy, this green-collarpilot program aims to rapidly improve local employment rates, boost theregion’s economy and further solidify the Bay Area’s environmentalleadership position.

"Supporting green-collar job programs is anatural way for 1BOG to integrate philanthropy and community activisminto our business model," said Dave Llorens, Co-Founder and GeneralManager at 1BOG. "By extending the Bay Area campaign and significantlyreducing the group discount prices, 1BOG and groSolar can add valuethrough solar for Bay Area homeowners as well as the broader community.We’re excited to see the impact we can create through applying 1BOG’sproven model for improving residential solar adoption to empowerdisadvantaged communities."

"groSolar’s mission is all aboutbuilding the green economy and a clean-energy future," said groSolarCEO Jeff Wolfe. "This partnership is a fantastic example of how thesolar industry and community-based non-profits can work together tomake the green economy a reality, while also developing the localworkforce."

"We are giving solar customers the opportunity tocreate environmental and social value," said Michele McGeoy, Founderand Executive Director of Solar Richmond. "By partnering with 1BOG andgroSolar, we are excited to be a part of 1BOG’s community model inorder to raise awareness of the importance of green-collar jobs as away to increase economic opportunity."

San Francisco residentscan sign up for the current 1BOG campaign, now extended to run throughJanuary 31, 2010. With groSolar as the installer, customers can takeadvantage of the partnership with Solar Richmond and promote greeneconomic development. Customers can currently purchase solar for$5.53/watt