On-Site Solar Power From ZeroBase

07 January of 2011 by

logo zero base On Site Solar Power From ZeroBase

ZeroBase Energy builds a portable, small-scale solar-powered energy hub that offers analternative to diesel generators for a variety of applications andenvironments.

Henry Gentenaar, the co-founder and CMO of ZeroBase, along with hispartner Zach Lyman, the CTO, have spent some time out of the U.S. withlittle access to power, diesel or otherwise, and were inspired to create their all-in-one unit.  According to Gentenaar, out of the country andoff-grid — every installation was a complex custom job – and "kind ofbrutal" with "a lot of inconsistency in service."  But the company’sReGenerator is a product that "people understand — people can get their head around this."

The germ of the idea and its initial development began at a customyacht manufacturer and that level of craftsmanship and marine-gradeconstruction shows up in the ZeroBase product.  True to their maritimebackground, Gentenaar claims that "the composite housing can beflooded."

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