Oerlikon Solar Notes Record Thin-Film Silicon Efficiency, Power Output

Oerlikon Solar says that it has achieved a new record efficiency levelfor commercial thin-film silicon PV modules. Recent test results fromOerlikon Solar’s pilot production line in Switzerland show thatfull-size Micromorph modules (1.4 m2) have 151 W initial power, or 11%initial power conversion efficiency.

This result sets a newindustry record for in-production thin-film silicon modules, accordingto the company. Oerlikon Solar reproduced modules with similar recordresults, demonstrating a stable and scalable process.

"OerlikonSolar has previously announced an ambitious production cost target of$0.70 per watt peak and is on track to achieve this target by end of2010," says Jeannine Sargent, CEO of Oerlikon Solar. "Increased moduleefficiency and power are key contributors to this goal."


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