Obama Has Right Message on Clean Energy

National Journal logoInaddition to regularly contributing on our very own Clean Tech, Appliedblog, Applied Materials’ Vice President of Government Affairs, GaryFazzino has joined an online panel of insiders discussing key energyand environment issues on the National Journal’s – the leading sourceof nonpartisan reporting on the current political environment andemerging policy trends – Expert Blogs Web site.

Below is a brief excerpt from his first post regarding President Obama’s State of the Union Address last week:

“I was deeply heartened to hear President Obama make such animpassioned appeal to America’s lawmakers last night about the need toinvest in a clean energy future. He clearly understands that in orderto create the jobs necessary to bring us back from the brink ofdouble-digit unemployment, a focus on developing homegrown renewablesources of energy is imperative…”

Visit the National Journal’s Expert Blogs page to read Gary’s complete blog post.



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