North Sea Countries Combine for a Green Energy ‘Supergrid’

european supergrid 5bOi3 69 North Sea Countries Combine for a Green Energy ‘Supergrid’

SeveralNorth Sea countries have come together to develop a renewable energysupergrid that will connect wind farms across the north coast ofScotland, vast arrays of solar panels across Germany and hydro-electricdams located in Norway’s fjords.

The first Europeanelectricity grid dedicated to renewable power will become a politicalreality this month. A network made up of thousands of kilometers ofhighly efficient undersea cables will be made at a cost of up to €30bnand would ensure that renewable energy being generated in differentparts can be supplied anytime.

The system would also act as agiant 30GW battery for Europe’s clean energy, storing electricity whenenergy demand is low. The North Sea grid would also act as a backboneof the future European electricity supergrid, where more energy will begenerated from renewable energy sources.

Via: Guardian