Nokia Developing Self Charging Mobile Phone $NOK

nokia logo Nokia Developing Self Charging Mobile Phone $NOK

We all face the frustrating situation of having our cell-phonebatteries run dry while out of home and away from a charging socket.

Now you don’t need to worry yourself about things like that anymore.That’s if all goes well for Nokia, the Finnish cellular giant who haverecently filed a US patent last week for a self charging handset thatpowers itself up using energy generated by the owner’s motion. Nokia isdreaming about a phone in the future that will have its heaviercomponents like the radio transmitter circuit and battery on a sturdyframe which will move along two sets of rails that allow it to moveupwards, downwards and sideways. The end of each rail will have stripsof strips of piezoelectric crystals that will generate a current whencompressed by the frame. So all you need to do is slip the phone inyour pocket and it’ll charge itself up as you walk about.