Nexamp Completes 103 kW Solar Array For Delaware Valley Corp.

Delaware Valley Corp. and Nexamphave announced the completion a new solar installation at DelawareValley Corp.’s Tewksbury, Mass., manufacturing facility. The solararray, consisting of 532 solar panels, was designed and installed byNexamp. According to the companies, the system will offsetapproximately 10% of the electricity used in the facility and will payfor itself in less than five years.

"Economically, it will helpus to be more competitive in the products we provide, and also allow usto further promote our idea of Earth-friendly industry," says D. PaulDiMaggio, president of Delaware Valley Corp.

All of the components of the system were manufactured in Massachusetts: Evergreen Solar fabricated the system’s solar panels, PanelClaw produced the mounting system and Solectria Renewables provided the inverters.



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