Newsom Praises Renewable Energy At Solaria Ribbon Cutting

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom spoke at an Earth Day dedication of Solaria, a new solar manufacturing plant in Fremont, CA.

 The expansion of clean-energy companies like Solaria “is not justCalifornia’s present, but this is the start of an extraordinary future,” said San Francisco’s former mayor.

Solaria designs, makes and markets silicon photovoltaic modules and systems.  Their new plant, located on Paseo Padre Parkway, also has its very own 110-kilowatt solar array, which supply’s the majority of Solaria’s daytime power needs. And, according to CEO Dan Shugar, Solaria expects to at least double its local workforce — now about 100 — in the next 12 to 18 months.

“We’re talking about bringing manufacturing back to California … and our capacity here in California to compete, to create jobs,” said Newsom. Newsom indicated that several state lawmakers in Texas informed him that California has lacked a cohesive job-creation plan, which Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown is hoping to address.

“We’ve got to get back in the game” by tapping “the dramaticopportunity that exists in changing the way we produce and use energy,”Newsom said.

Brown recently signed into law an aggressive renewable energy that will demand that 33 percent of our state’s energy come from renewable sources by the end of the decade.

This law is a “transformational vision … because it provides theunderpinnings for the industry,” said Shugar. He also stated that thewave of conventional energy disasters that have rocked our world thispast year, including the Massey coal mine explosion, Deepwater Horizonoil spill, PG&E’s gas line explosion in San Bruno, CA, and, ofcourse, the nuclear crisis still taking place in Japan, serve toemphasize the public’s desire for safe, clean, cheap alternative energy.

Fremont democratic assemblyman, Bob Wieckowski, praised the expansion of companies like Solaria, stating that Solaria’s success is the result of California’s long-time efforts to be a global leader of clean energy.


Contra Costa Times

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