New York’s First Solar Charging Station for Electric Vehicles

On the heels of London’s latest electric vehicle announcements, New York City recently followed suit by deploying its first solar charging station.

Beautiful Earth Group(BE) unveiled New York’s first solar-powered electric vehicle (EV)charging station, which will allow the energy firm to recharge itselectric MINI E using zero carbon energy making it one of the few cars in the world to run exclusively on solar power. The charging station is located in Red Hook, Brooklyn.  Operatingentirely off-grid, the station is built from recycled shippingcontainers and uses 24 Sharp 235-watt panels with a capacity of almost6 kW.

Even though the station is only used by one type of car, BeautifulEarth says that this is a step in the right direction because it marksa “shift from carbon-emitting fuels to sustainable energy,” says LexHelsin, CEO of Beautiful Earth. Of course, one has to wonder aboutavailability for other Mini E’s that are not directly affiliated withBeautiful Earth’s headquarters–not to mention the host of other EV’snot compatible with this type of station.

With so many major car companies planning to launch electric orplug-in hybrid cars next year, it makes sense that one of the biggestcities in the world, New York, will need charging stations. And BE’sstation, though limited, is a step in the right direction. It isn’tjust for charging automobiles either, as it can also produce enoughenergy to power a small home, and has a battery bank that can storeelectricity 24/7 for on-demand usage.

While this is a first-of-its kind for NYC, similar stations havealready appeared elsewhere. Five EV charging stations have appearedalong Highway 101 spanning from Los Angeles to the San Francisco BayArea. ChargePoint has constructed similar stations for the Windy City of Chicago, as has Envision Solar at Dell’s headquarters in Round Rock, Texas.

Ashort-story and screenplay writer who has won awards for his work,Harry has recently shifted focus to society’s role in bettering theworld. For him, this means a keen interest in sustainable living, whichalso includes renewable energy.

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