New York Solar Association Reveils Future Goals

nyseia New York Solar Association Reveils Future Goals

Earlier this month, Ron Kamen, president of the New York Solar Energy Industries Associaton (NYSEIA), spoke about the group’s future goals at the Cornell School of Industrial and Labor Relations in Buffalo. Hereare some of the main projects the group will be working on in 2011 andbeyond:

1. Establish a fully funded program aimed at installing 5,000 megawatts (MW) of solar energy capacity within the state by 2025: New York solar energy industry leaders would like to be in the samebracket with California and New Jersey in terms of solar energycapacity. In order to do this, the state will have to secure funding tohelp alleviate some of the cost of solar energy for New Yorkers.

2. Generate 2,000 MW of solar thermal to replace oil and natural gas by 2020: This would make a huge difference because New York has one of thehighest energy consumption rates out of all states in the country.

3. Establish New York’s first solar thermal incentive program to promote water heating using solar energy: New York currently has no state incentive program to help home andbusiness owners with the cost of installing a solar thermal system. Thegoal here is to fund a program with $25 million in incentive funds tospread out over the course of five years.

4. Pass the New York Solar Jobs Act: The New York Solar Jobs Act would create over 22,000 jobs over the next 15 years and, according to the Central New York Business Journal, would generate around $20 billion in economic return over that sameperiod. The Act is also intended to help meet the state’s 5,000 MW by2025 goal, including benchmarks of 500 MW by 2015 and 1,500 MW by 2020.

So how do all these fancy acts and solar capacity benchmarks relateto you, the New York property owner? You’ll likely see more incentiveprograms designed to help you pay for a solar energy system. You canfind a list of current incentives here. And for a full review of the NYSEIA’s goals for 2011 and beyond, visit their site here.

New York Solar Association Reveils Future Goals