New Subsidies for Boston Solar Installations

SolarBoston 300x196 New Subsidies for Boston Solar Installations

The Boston Globe reported today that a new ordinance will cut fees associated with Boston solar installations.  Massachusetts residents and businesses already enjoy a number ofdifferent incentives related to solar power, including rebates, taxcredits and exemptions, and Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs).  Inaddition, Massachusetts has one of the most tolerant policies toward solar in regards to netmetering and interconnection. The new ordinance will make solar powereven more attractive, inching Boston closer to Mayor 

Specifically, Boston changed how developers would be charged for projects that include solar installations.  A developer would typically be assessed a permit fee equal to 1% of the total project value.  However, with the new law, the cost of the solar panels would not be included.  Solar panels are usually about 2/3, or 60% to 70%, of the price of a solar installation.  By not including them in the calculation for permit fees, this willafford huge savings for developers who can then pass that on to Bostonresidents and businesses.

James Hunt, Boston’s Chief of Energy and Environment Services, sayswith this new decree, the city will have some of the lowest solarpermitting fees in the country.  He is encouraged that this will spurdevelopment of more renewable energy projects, and add green jobs.

Example of Savings on Boston Building Permit Fees

Total cost of Solar Installation:  $100,000

Cost of Solar panels:  $66,000

Building Permit Fees – Before Ordinance:  $1,000

Building Permit Fees – After Ordinance:  $340

Brightstar Solar is a Boston-based solar installer and can help you navigate how to best take advantage of the local,state, and federal incentives that are available.  To learn if solar isright for you home or business in Massachusetts, our company offers a complimentary solar assessment.  Please contact us directly to schedule an appointment.

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