New North Carolina Solar Panel Installation Announced

The North Carolina Global TransPark (GTP), a 2,500-acre industrialpark located 80 miles southeast of Raleigh, will join the state’scampaign to develop and use renewable energy by installing solar panels atop one of its buildings this summer.

The 250-kilowatt system will be installed by Greenfield Power, aCharlotte solar installation company. Notably, the panels for theproject will be sourced locally from Sencera, a solar panel manufacturer also based in Charlotte. TransPark’s training center — recently renamed the Spirit Aerosystems Composite Center of Excellence — will host therooftop solar panel installation. The electricity generated by thesystem will be sold to ProgressEnergy.

GTP spokeswoman alanna King had the following to say about theinstallation:

We wanted to show that this could be one option forcompanies that are looking to come to the TransPark, and if they want to have a clean energy source this could be an option

The solar initiative is in line with the state’s Renewable Energy and Energy Efficieny Portfolio Standard adopted by the North Carolina state legislature in 2007. Under the new standard, investor-owned utilitiesin the state must purchase 12.5 percent of their power from renewableenergy sources by 2020.

New North Carolina Solar Panel Installation Announced


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