New LED Light Bulb Has 17 Year Lifespan $CREE

A new LED light that is 100 times smaller than those currently on the market has been created. Researchers have put their minds together and succeeded in making a smaller, more flexible, and lower temperature emitting LED light bulb.

U.S. congress passed a new law setting higher efficiency standards for alllight bulbs. It has been proven incandescent light bulbs generate mostly heat instead of light, which is the reason LED lights are in demand.Companies like General Electric are announcing they will be completely replacing some of their incandescent products with LED light bulbs.

The LED light bulb greatly improves efficiency, lasting up to 25,000 hours. Researchers have approximated that with average use, an LED light bulbcould last up to 17 years. At their current cost of between $40 and $50, that is less than a penny a day for a working and efficient light bulb. But with the research that people like Jizhou Song, a professor at the University of Miami, are doing, prices of these LED will most likely become even lower.



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