New Law in Jordan to Boost Solar Energy

Private companies looking to invest in renewable energy projects inJordan may now be able to negotiate directly with the Energy Ministry,announced a senior official on Wednesday. It is hoped the change —which permits local and international firms to bypass a competitivebidding process — will expedite the development of renewable energyprojects across the country.

The provision for direct negotiations is included in the RenewableEnergy Law, passed by the Cabinet on Tuesday. The new law brings Jordanup to speed on a number of fronts:

  • Net metering: all citizens with solar energy systems or windturbines will have the right to sell any excess electricity back totheir electricity provider — at the full retail rate.
  • The law also requires the National Electric Power Company (NEPCO)to purchase all electricity generation from utility-scale renewableenergy projects.
  • The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Fund, a general fundingfacility that will finance energy efficiency and renewable energyprojects, will be established.

Jordan’s National Energy Strategy calls for the Kingdom to, by 2015,source seven percent of its electricity from renewable energy sourcesby 2015. The 2020 goal is ten percent. To meet these objectives overthe coming decade, the government envisions installing 600 megawatts(mWs) of new wind generation, between 300 mW and 600 mW of new solarpower generation capacity, and 30-50mW of biomass projects. Hence thenew Renewable Energy Law.

Unlike its neighbors, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, Jordan has few oil andgas resources. The country currently imports about 96 percent of itsenergy, at a cost of 20 percent of its gross domestic product (GDP).Check out this story from the Jordan Times for full details.

New Law in Jordan to Boost Solar Energy, Other Renewables


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