New Feed in Tariff Report From NREL

In the interests of information-sharing, we just wanted to alert youto the National Renewable Energy Lab’s (NREL) newly released report onfeed in tariffs.

It will make your knees weak if you’re a policy wonkor an energy lawyer–I mean heck, it’s entitled “Renewable Energy Pricesin State-Level Feed-in Tariffs: Federal Law Constraints and PossibleSolutions”–but it includes an overview for the FiT neophyte, as well.Don’t read the whole thing, unless you’re really, really having troublesleeping, but do check out some basic definitions and context for theFiT programs developing across the country.

The feed in tariff is a production-based approach to solar energyincentives that until recently has been almost the exclusive propertyof European solar markets. But FiTs are gaining traction on home soil:California, Hawaii, Florida (just Gainesville–but still), and otherAmerican markets are dipping in. If you’re following solar power growthin the United States, the inner workings of a FiT is no longer optional.

Access the full report here as a PDF on NREL’s website.

New Feed in Tariff Report From NREL



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