Nepalese teenager replaces silicon with human hair for cheap solar energy

human hair solar panels_1

MilanKarki, born in one of the poorest countries in the world – Nepal, hastried to end energy crisis in the country and the world with a solarpanel that is about 75% cheaper than industrial made solar panels ofcomparable capacity.

The secret to this low-costsolar panel is not as hi-tech as one would imagine as all the teenageinventor did was to replace the expensive silicon normally used insolar cells with a comparably cheaper product – human hair. The younginventor says that human hair due to the presence of Melanin issensitive to light and also acts as a type of conductor.

human hair solar panels_2

Thepanel produced using this technique costs around £23 and produces 18Wof power at 9V.The inventor believes that if the product is massproduced, the panel could be made available in developing countries athalf that price, which would make it four times cheaper than otherpanels available on the market today.

Via: DailyMail



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