Need for end-market diversification on horizon for global PV sector

Solar companies at every step of the global PV supply chain must beginto focus resources on developing the end-markets that will support theindustry in the event of another major market saturation, according tothe recently released market report by PHOTON Consulting, Solar Power Markets: Prepare for Impact.

"During2009, the global PV sector became overly dependent on a few dominantend markets. As rapid supply growth returns to the sector, we fear thatthese markets are at significant risk over the next several years ofexhausting the local economic and technical capacity to sustain theserapid installation growth rates," said Chris Porter, lead demandanalyst at PHOTON Consulting and co-author of Solar Power Markets:Prepare for Impact.

"Those companies who have not establisheddefensible channels to other markets are likely to have a verydifficult time when this happens."

Solar Power Markets: Preparefor Impact, PHOTON’s newest research report is a critical downstreamreference guide that enables global solar companies to navigate themost important existing and emerging PV markets. Prepare for Impactincludes in-depth 30-page profiles of the 13 most important end-marketsfor current and future global PV demand.

The report includescritical market-specific data and analysis on price and volume trends,project economics, policy details, key market participants, andregulatory requirements for the markets highlighted.

"Preparefor Impact provides the necessary data, frameworks, and toolkits toempower solar industry executives to make fact-based decisions as theymove forward into new markets in the coming years," said Porter.


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