NDPL, Tata BP Solar to set up solar plants for green Delhi

In a landmark move, North Delhi Power Ltd (NDPL) and Tata BP Solar haverecently joined hands to set up solar power plants in Delhi includingrooftop solar plants which will be connected to the electricity grid.

Thiswill consist of array of PV (photovoltaic) modules which will absorbsun light and convert it into electricity. The electricity, generatedon rooftops, can be either consumed directly by the owner of therooftop or exported into the grid and also sold to NDPL.

Onceoperational, these plants will not only augment power supply for NDPLconsumers but will also be a source of income for them.

NDPL hasalready set up two such solar plants of 4 KW and 15 KW at its corporateoffice in Hudson Lines and at its training centre in Rohini. Now, NDPLproposes to set up a 25KW solar plant at the premises of DERC.

Ata presentation by the alliance of NDPL and Tata BP Solar, the DERC wasenthused with the idea of roof top installation of this green power,which will turn the electricity consumers as producers of electricity.

SunilWadhwa, CEO & Executive Director, NDPL, said: "In NDPL’s climatechange and sustainability strategy, Sun occupies centre stage being theoriginal source of all energy. Solar power is one of the most suitableand feasible source of power from the perspective of cost, scalability,environment and security of source.

"The challenge is to makethis source of power economically viable and I am sure that withGovernment’s support and encouragement in the initial years and, withvolumes picking up, solar technology will become more competitive withgrid power."

If only 20,000 consumers were to come forwardproducing 5 KW each, NDPL would manage to generate 100 MW of SolarPower by the end of this financial year. This success of thisinitiative would however depend on some initial capital support fromthe government to make solar power generation affordable for theconsumers, Wadhwa added.

Apart from the consumers’ roof topinitiative, NDPL is also going ahead with the setting up of a 1 MegaWatt Solar Plant using the roof top of its central stores at KeshavPuram in North Delhi.

The proposal to set up solar power plantsin Delhi is also in line with the Delhi Government’s Climate ChangeAgenda 2009-2012 for Delhi.

"We are excited with the prospectsof working with NDPL and the opportunity it opens up for partnering inDelhi’s drive towards sustainable energy," said K. Subramanya, CEO,Tata BP Solar.

The Union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy(MNRE) had also recently launched schemes to promote and encouragerooftop grid-connect policy for solar power. The National Solar Missionset up as part of the National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC)last year, is also reported to be targeting 20000 Megawatts from solarpower by 2020.

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