Nanxun City Eco Concept

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Nanxun was a Chinese city that was at the heart of itsworld-renowned silk trade and at its height was a wealth and information hub. But times change fast and with it the world moves on. There aresights and sounds in this unique part of China though, which still takeyou back in time and give you a glimpse of the ancient Chinese way ofliving. The new Nanxun Cultural Core Masterplan aims to integrate thiscity’s old heritage with new ambitions while doing it in aplanet-friendly fashion.

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With an extravagant Waterfront that intends to be the heart of thenew expansion, there will be the Four Elephants Park, new recreationalfacilities, learning center, digital communication and a special commute system that aims at going green. The central Water Park will demand all your attention with its breathtaking design and beautiful set up thatpromises wonderful evenings.

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Apart from providing the city with a clean recreational spot, itwill be around this water body that the magnificent Four Elephantsgarden will come up. The gardens will pay a tribute to the city’s past,while they house flora and fauna in abundance. The Personal Pod CarTransportation System will be an all-electric system that will helpprovide citizens of Nanxun with commuting facility.

The design is also aimed at improving bike culture and henceencouraging more people to take up bicycles for the shorter trips. Byplanning an entire city’s future development course around greensolutions, the Nanxun Cultural Core Masterplan paves way for more suchcool enterprises.

Via: R204


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