NABCEP Certification

NABCEP mark NABCEP Certification

It has been a long road to travel, but I felt that itwas important to gain certification through NABCEP for PV installations. Beingcertified gives some indication to potential clients and customers that I have taken required technical courses and met a minimum standard ofworkmanship and customer satisfaction.  Yesterday, the test resultsarrived and I have attained status as a Certified PV installer.

Being certified as a NABCEP PV installer opens up several statesponsored incentive programs which opens up more business possibilities.

This is not the end all for PV installers, continued education andlearning is always required.  Keeping up with the latest technology canbe a chore, especially in a developing technology like PV.

In September, I intend to take the Solar Thermal Certification forall the reasons noted above.