MVRDV’s Solar Powered Water Cube Pavilion

water cube pavilion_1

MVRDVhas unveiled the design of “The Water Cube Pavilion” for the World Expo2012 to be held in Yeosu, Korea. Designed under the theme of “TheLiving Ocean and Coast”, the Water Cube Pavilion will focus on thepower and beauty of oceans by making a pure visible block of water thatseems to be extracted from the ocean. The hollowed out block willcreate a great water space, where the visitors will be surrounded bywater. Natural light will filter through to illuminate the interiors.This space will be used for exhibitions and gatherings during the WorldExpo.

TheWater Cube is to be constructed out of a surrounding wall whichfeatures a series of water basins that are organized like a world map.This arrangement will allow the designers portray different seas moreclearly. The continents have more closed elements in the façade andthus contain the stability elements. The roof is constructed with 5meter high beams that span from the supporting web towards the centreof the roof: the North Pole.

Theskin of the Water Cube will be made using four layers of glass, withwater in between. Sea water from outside will be pumped constantly intothe basin to keep the circulation through the building. The skin alsofeatures elements to control the raise of temperature for the basins.These elements will also contain rolling curtains to control UVpenetration and solar cells to generate renewable energy for watercirculation and lighting.

water cube pavilion_2

water cube pavilion_3

Via: ArchDaily



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