MTI Instruments acquires strategic line of products

MTI Instruments Inc. (MTII), a leader in precision measurementsolutions, and a subsidiary of Mechanical Technology Inc. (MTI),announced the acquisition of the tensile stage line of products fromErnest F. Fullam Inc., a pioneering microscopy accessories company fromClifton Park, NY. As part of the acquisition, Peter Fullam will joinMTII as a Product Sales Engineer.

The MTII/Fullam Tensile Stagesare used by industry and research institutions to investigate howdifferent materials perform under certain conditions. Normally, amaterial sample is placed within the jaws of the tensile stage andcompressive or expansive load forces are applied. Additional stimulisuch as heating or cooling can be directed at the sample during thetest in order to gather data under various conditions.

TheMTII/Fullam tensile stages are unique, compact test systemsspecifically designed to fit both optical and scanning electronmicroscopes. This provides greater insight into early stages ofmaterial failure and a better overall understanding of how specificmaterials perform under load. MTII/Fullam also offers an optionalcontrol and acquisition system that interfaces with the tensile stage.This control and acquisition system allows precise and repetitivecontrol of the stage, including custom profiles. The control andacquisition system is capable of displaying real time data as well ascapturing and saving data for future analysis.

Whatdistinguishes these products are their compact size and flexiblemounting fixtures, allowing them to be installed into virtually everytype of scanning electron microscope (SEM), atomic force microscope(AFM) or light microscope (LM). Both 100 and 1000 lb load frames areavailable providing the flexibility to test products from human hair toceramics, metals and plastics.

MTI is a supplier of precisionnon-contact physical measurement solutions, portable balancingequipment and semiconductor/solar cell wafer inspection tools.