Moser Baer achieves 7.3 pc module efficiency

PV Technologies India Ltd (PVTIL), a subsidiary of Moser Baer India Ltd(MBIL) successfully completed the testing and validation ofbreakthrough process that will enhance the stable efficiency of itssingle junction thin film module from 6 percent to 7.3 percent.

Theprocess has been designed at PVTIL’s Greater Noida plant by itsin-house research team. This improves the module wattage from 340watts/panel to 400 watts/panel on full size modules (5.7 m2.).

Thislandmark breakthrough has been achieved by judicious optimization ofmultiple layers in the device structure. This is one of the highestefficiency (and wattage) achieved from any amorphous-Silicon singlejunction thin film module of this size globally.

Ratul Puri,Executive Director, MBIL, said: "The breakthrough proprietary processwill improve the viability of amorphous-Silicon technology for thesolar farm projects. This proprietary process is a game changer andwill help us in addressing certain sections of the market by Q2 2010."He added, "What makes this proprietary process special is that for thefirst time any Indian player has achieved this level of efficiencyleading to an approx 20% cost advantage in this module size."

Accordingto Dr. Rajiv Arya, CEO of PV solar business: "This achievement is verytimely as it has already enhanced our Thin Film’s capacity from 40 MWto the range of 50 MW and will help us reach the goals set in theNational Solar Mission effectively by deploying these modules in largesize solar installations.

"I appreciate the efforts of ourprocess team which has once again demonstrated Moser Baer’s innatecapabilities in improving efficiency and introducing new products tocater to the demands of the market. These Thin Film modules can be usedfor rooftop installations and for solar farms."