Morocco Goes Big On Solar Power


Earlier this month, Morocco announced that it will invest $9billion in solar energy to build five solar power farms across thecountry. The combined energy output will be 2,000MW. The northernAfrican country hopes to be getting 38% of its installed powergeneration from the sun by 2020.

Even though no date was set for the solar project to get going, ithas caused an international impact. Germany announced that they havedonated $4m in support of Morocco’s solar power drive, according to Bikya Masr, a Cairo-based website. The donation will be used to develop local industry and research.

Elsewhere, Steel Guru today wrote that the European Investment Bank has “set aside” 500 million Euros tofinance a solar power station in Ouarzazate, in the south of Morocco,which will export solar energy to Europe.

Morocco is the only northern European country that does not sit onoil reserves so it’s imperative for them to find renewable sources ofenergy. The country is blessed with plenty of sunshine therefore solarpower presents itself as the most promising solution.



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