More Buzz on Bloom Energy

My boss told me about this start-up company called Bloom Energy that was featured in CBS 60 Minuteslast Sunday and of course, I put this on my To-Do post for this week.To my surprise, this company is all over the news today as theyannounced their high-profile press conference to formally introducethemselves and their fuel cell technology called Bloom Energy Server.

The patented solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) server reportedly allowstheir customers to efficiently create their own electricity onsite 24hours a day/7 days a week using a wide range of renewable ortraditional fuels.

Watch the 60 Minutes Video to learn more about it (pardon the commercials)…

According to the company, each Bloom Energy Server provides 100kilowatts (kW) enough to power 100 average U.S. homes or a small officebuilding. For more power, customers simply deploy multiple EnergyServers side by side. The Bloom systems can expect a 3-5 year paybackon their capital investment from the energy cost savings.

Bloom Energy customers now include big timers Bank of America,Coca-Cola Company, Cox Enterprises; eBay, FedEx Express, Google,Staples, and Walmart. The company first installed their boxcommercially in July 2008.

Bloom Energy’s investors include Kleiner Perkins Caufield &Byers, representing the firm’s first clean tech investment, as well asMorgan Stanley, NEA, and Northgate Capital.



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